CCCC Newsletter – 05/06/2020

A message from our Chairman, Jonny Kent:
Dear Players, Parents and Carers,
You may have seen that the ECB have issued updated guidelines for club cricket activity which may allow us to start the 2020 cricket season. These guidelines have only been issued in the last few hours, so we are still working out what it means and how to get things moving again. We will be in touch in the next few days to let you know what the plan is.

In the meantime, I hope you are able to keep your hand in with Steve’s Coaching Corner, as well as games of garden or park cricket.
Coaching Corner with Steve Taylor

Attached are a couple of videos featuring Jimmy Anderson and Ellyse Perry, two of the best bowlers in world cricket. Jimmy gives you some basic bowling drills to get your action into rhythm whilst Ellyse’s video is a bit longer going through her bowling basics from her run up, nice compact action and follow through. 
After watching these, here is a simple bowling alignment drill you can do each day for 20 minutes:
You don’t need a lot of space just balls and a stump or appropriate target (Garden fork, umbrella etc, large pictures of Covid-19!).  
Mark out a crease line and 10-12 yards from the line place a stump in the ground (adapt the distance of stump from the crease to vary the drill if you have the space).
For the purpose of this drill, please always start by bowling from a base or standing position.  Get yourself in a nice bowling position and see how many times you can hit the stump from 10 deliveries. Now move back 3 paces and walk in and bowl 10 more, again count your success rate. Finally, if you have room, go back 6 paces and jog in and do the same.  Measure your improvement and how you score day by day. 
If you’re not hitting the target, ask yourself why? When bowling think about how Ellyse and Jimmy talk about the way they use their front arm (try not to have a gap between your elbow and your side when you bring it in), and how this impacted on their alignment and hip rotation, and most importantly their head position (your head should be going toward your target). 
If possible, always watch yourself on video – it’s the best way to learn.  
Fun Corner

How well do you know the current state of world cricket? Do you know who the best international teams are? Who’s the better T20 batter; David Warner or Virat Kohli, Shefali Verma or Alyssa Healy?
Test yourself with these quizzes from the BBC:
World Cup Corner

Week 1 of the world cup set a great tone for the tournament as a whole. Although there were some one-sided games (India, NZ and Australia in particular having very easy wins to kick off), the tension and thrills of the latter stages were already on display! Here are two particularly good games to enjoy again:After differing starts to the tournament (easy win for England, thrashing for Pakistan by WI), they met in a match where the hosts were expected to win easily. We all know what happened next:
Australia v West Indies was also expected to be one-sided but instead was one of the many nail biters the tournament served up. With the Windies confirmed for the tour of England starting next month, familiarise yourselves with some of the players who’ll be here again soon:
So, hopefully the above drills, quiz’s and videos will keep you going this week. As always, we hope that you all stay safe and well over the coming week and we will have another update for you next weekend.

Best Regards,
The CCCC Team