CCCC Newsletter – 29/05/2020

A message from our Chairman, Jonny Kent:

Dear Players, Parents and Carers,

We trust and hope that you are all keeping safe and well during these difficult times.

As a management team we wanted to provide you all with an update regarding the club.

Is CCCC ready to re start as soon as we have the “green light” from the ECB?

Clare College grounds have been closed to all sports and the public since the start of the lock down. However, the groundsman has maintained the facilities and they are ready for both training and matches. We are therefore ready to restart as soon as we know what the “phased return” of children’s cricket that the ECB referred to today looks like.

What about the club finances?

The club is in a sound financial position with a positive cash balance and no liabilities.  It has not required any loans and our sponsors remain fully committed to the club.

I hear some clubs and coaches may be restarting cricket. What is CCCC’s approach?

The latest comments from the ECB are that recreational cricket will be reviewed at the start of July.  As such we are assuming that there will be no league matches this season.  If and when recreational cricket is permitted, we will endeavour to arrange some friendly matches for each age group. 

Very sadly, the virus has had a direct impact on the club, and we will only restart training and matches as and when we get permission from the ECB.  Whilst the sun is shining and we would all love to be out playing, you and your children’s health and safety is our main priority.  We will not do anything that could compromise this.  When we do reopen, we will let you know any changes in health and safety measure that we need to make.

Coaching Corner with Steve Taylor

To get everyone in the swing of playing cricket, here are some ideas to improve your skills, even when we can’t all get together. This is a great practice for grooving front foot shots.

It doesn’t need a feeder – all you need is a ball, a sock, some rope/string and a tree branch or beam of some sort if you have one. Practice top and bottom hand shots, as well as two hands. Keep your head still and maintain a stable base. Control the bat face to come through straight, and work on a strong front side keeping your elbow high.

Next, here’s an idea you can borrow from Australian international Glen Maxwell and a few of his team mates – the Cooler Challenge!

It’s a simple drill to organise: 1 bat, 1 ball and 1 cooler/ice box/bucket/bin (improvise). At a time where we may be constricted for space, it’s an ideal and fun challenge to help us develop not only a good head position, strong base and hitting with full face when striking but also to imagine that we are trying to hit gaps in the field.

Please don’t limit yourself to straight shots. Adapt to include any shot you wish to play (cut, pull, sweep, scoop etc) and in any direction (cover, mid-wicket etc). I know we are restricted for space but don’t make it too easy in terms of distance or size of target. Above all, if you’re in the garden, hit AWAY from the house. Its an icebreaker and not a WINDOW BREAKER !!

Fun Corner

Once the sun goes down and bad light has stopped practice, here are few things to keep you occupied as well. The ECB have pulled together a few clips of things the cricket community have been doing to help themselves and others through COVID-19. Hopefully this will inspire us all to get out there and do what we can:

If that all seems like a bit too much hard work, there’s always Google’s Doodle cricket game. This can be played as socially distanced as you want! Warning – it’s ridiculously addictive!

World Cup Corner

It is almost exactly a year since the first game of the CWC2019! After the thrilling conclusion to the final, it’s easy to forget how good the whole tournament was. So, as a reminder here are couple of highlights packages to get you in the mood. Sit back and enjoy:

  • To start with, let’s remember the previous ICC World Cup tournament. The Women’s CWC 2017! By any normal standards, the final was a nail biter – go Anya Shrubsole! –
  • The Men’s version kicked off on 30th May 2019 with an enticing game between pre-tournament favourites and hosts, England, and a well-fancied South African team so it should have been close. Not for the first time last summer, nobody told Ben Stokes: –

So, stay safe and well and keep practicing your cricket skills as much as you can. We will send out regular newsletters with more drills and fun games and look forward to seeing you all soon!

Best Regards,
The CCCC Team